As the figure says, we will send notification messages from our android set to our own server (say Node js web app). In the Node js web app we implemented the admin sdk of Firebase Cloud messaging (FCM) server. The Nodejs web app communicates with the firebase cloud server through its app credentials. The FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) server will serve the users of defined categories.

[This article should be read as the appended section of SEND YOUR FIRST ANDROID NOTIFICATION USING FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging)]

1. In your Firebase console go to Project Settings>Service Accounts

2. In the Service…

Abstract: Here I will be discussing about how we can send push notification messages to all users (of an Android app) using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

1. Create an android project in Android Studio

2. Sign in to firebase with google credentials

3. Now go to the firebase console

(i). here create your own firebase project

Follow the subsequent steps. Then add your android app to the firebase clicking the symbol (for android).

(ii). link and register your android app to the project

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